Wednesday, December 30, 2009

zoey 101 webcam full script

zoey 101 webcam

daina:ok zoey your up

zoey:here we go and

nicole:six even


zeoy:ok,um alright one time when i was 10 i burped in church

*the girls all laugh*

nicole:ok if that happen to me i'd die

*the girls laugh*

nicole: hey quinn you wanna play confess stress with us

quinn:how do you play?

zoey:ok you role the dice


daina:and if you get an even number you got to confuess somthing really

nicole:and if you role a odd number you have to do somthing stressful

quinn:like eat a poisonas bug?

zoey:stressful not leatful

nicole:o and the most important rule nothing that anyone says or dose
leaves this room

zoey:gotta swear


nicole:o my turn

quinn:wait i am starved can we order some sushi?

zoey:already on the way

nicole:how cool is it that we have are own sushi bar in campus
zoey:the coolest

daina:exepet that the dilvery guy is logan

quinn:eww logan he's such a jerk

nicole:a very cute jerk

daina:and speak of the jeark

logan:sup ladies

zoey:we were just talking about you


logan:ya can't blame you

daina:were's are sushi

logan:o 1 sec come on let go lets go lets go

chase:you know you could help me

logan:ya no thanks

zoey:your workin with logan now?

chase:we'll i'm workin he seems to be watching just watching

logan:i am traning you so you can make diliverys on your own

zoey:good now that we know your not dilvering anymore we'll order more often

*girls laugh*

logan:alright alright i know it been a little tennesse between me and you girls

since you came to pca

zoey:ya think

logan:yes and i feel bad about that witch is why i wanna give you guys somthing

just a present from me to you girls for the lounge

daina:your giving us a present

logan:ya its so wierd?

zoey:kinda chase was this your idea?

chase:nope i had nothing to do with it it was all him

nicole:wow this is really nice of you logan

logan:hey were all the same boarding school i figure we might as well be nice perfect

chase:we'll we gotta jam

zoey:uh chase?can we have our sushi

chase:uh right i am always for getting that part your sushi

nicole:your money

logan:oh hey man i am feeling kinda sick so i'm going head back to the doarm room and lay down

chase:what i can't divliver all this sushi by myself!

logan:you'll be fine.gooddnight

chase:great all alone with 40 pounds of dead fish and whatever that orange stuff is
nicole:o my turn!
zoey:8 nicole confuss

girls:come you can do it

nicole:ok you know i have study hall with almost all guys right


nicole:well i kinda made a chart who has the cutest lips

quinn:you wighted boys lips? on what pretireia

nicole:shape color kissabilty

*girls laugh*

nicole:ok ok zoey's turn agian

zoey:dice me


quinn:now how should we stress zoey?

nicole:i say zoey has to prank call mr.calhan


zoey:i am not prank calling our english teacher

daina:you rolled odds

quinn:you gotta face the stress

zeoy:i don't have his phone number


zoey:*texas accent* yes i am calling about the musterd you odered

mr.calhan:uh musterd i didn't order any mustered

zoey:uh yes sir you ordered 90000 jars of musterd

mr.calhan:what ! who could eat that much musterd

zoey:that not my bissnus so what time would you like me drop off the musters

mr.calhan:i i don't even like musterd

zoey:then why you oderd so much

mr.calhan:i did'nt order any !

*girls luagh*

zoey:so how was work last night?

chase:brudell brudtell

zoey: divlering sushi is brudell?

chase:it is when logan goes home sick i have like 32 dilivery's by myself

chase:yeah you know how big this campus is! i had to walk 10 miles and let me
tell you some kids at pca are not normal

chase:a goat that likes spicey tuna

logan:*laughs* hey guys

nicole:just doing some homwork

zoey:what so funny


michael:we were just wondering which one of us have the cutest lips?

nicole:umm why do you ask that?

logan:just wondering just wondering

michael:ya we gotta go


logan:oh zoey i need to call mr.callhannedhown do you haven't to have a phone number

chase:ok what was that all about

nicole:i don't know

zeoy:but were gonna find out

zoey:did you tell!

nicole:did you

daina:tell who what

zoey:the guys about her cute lip chart


zoey:and about me prank calling mr.calhan


nicole:well someone told

zoey:cause michael and logan know

daina:well i kep my mouth shut

quinn:ok who blabbed

zoey:blabbed what?

quinn:you know that i still like to eat baby food

zoey:it wasn't us

quinn:well people now about it and its really upseting puerade peas

chase:whats up cozzu

kozzu:your late

chase: i am 10 muinates early

kozzu:no backsas

chase:ok just put the knife down

kozzu:now hurry there are many dilveryies

chase:no problem i'll just take half when logan gets here you know he can

kozzu:logan not comeing


kozzu:he called in sick

chase:agian! grate i have to make all the dilverys myself


chase:ok who's this huge oder for logan!

*nicole laughs*

zoey:this is the funniest show ever

nicole:the best

vikki:nicole you left thease in the in the dryer?

nicole:those aren't mine

vikki:i am pretty sure your the only girl here that weres hello bunny underware

nicole:they were on sale

*quinn and zoey luagh*

nicole:its not funny!

quinn:right sorry

nicole:and daina soulden't leave her skate board here people put food on this table

quinn:hey zoey what up with your tow nail ?

zoey:o when i was seven i droped a bolling ball on it

quinn:it looks like a corn chip i like corn chips

daina:hey have any of you guys seen my skate board i thought i left here on *daina fall into the food*ok who left the skate board there

zoey:if i were you i'd run

nicole:don't touch me!!! *screams*

*guys laughing*

daina:what are they laughing about?

zoey:i don't know your going to eat those grapes?

nicole:i was you want em

zoey: no .....yay!

brad:hey nicole

nicole:oh hi brad *whispers to zoey he saw my cute lip chart* what up?

brad:i was just wondering do you like theses bunnyies on my underware?

*laughs* guy 1:hey daina um tell me is this the write way to ride a skate bored? whoa

daina:i wanna know who told you and i wanna know now

boy1:well what do you mean

zoey: she asked you a question!

boyy1:hey hey watch it there corn tip toe

zoey:alright thatsit all girls in the girls doorm lounge right now!

*girls arguing*


quinn:how dose she do that *tries to whistle*

zoey:now look someone in the girls doorm is spreading our personal
secerts all over the pca campus

daina:and were going to find out who


quinn:hey i invented my own lavatactor machine it only 98% anacurant

nicole:how dose it work

quinn:i just connect 3 wires from the machine to your brain so that i can

zoey: wait how do you connect the wires to our brian?

quinn:i just have make a small insjin just below your left ear so that i could


zoey:quinn! nobodys taking a live ditector test if you have to do surgery on our head!

quinn:it's one insesion

vikki:hey if zoey so afraid to take a live dector test maybe its because she the one spreading our personal secerts

nicole:yeah thats it!
zoey:i'm one of the victims why would i spread secerts about myself

nicole: to trick us! zoey:nicole! nicole:well! *girls yelling*

logan:o o yes yes awsome

michael:i don't know man i'm starting feel all guilty about this

logan:come on man this is classic

vikki:why didn't you take the lying ditector test zoey:because i am leting that freak oprate on my head!

nichael:*laughs* ate'nt you suppost to be at work helping chase dilver sushi

logan:nah i called in sick today o this can turn into a face fight

michael:i know zoey about to mix it up with that girl vikki zoom in zoom in

logan:ok this is great! you gotta love having girls at pca

machael:i know man!
logan: this is awsome

zoey:ok heres wat we know somebody in the girls doorm is telling our secrets
all over campus
zoey:now what else do we know
quinn:that peoradepeas taste better then cream squash

zoey:quinn put the baby food down and foucas! nicole: ok why would the other girls

zoey:wait when did this start happening
nicole:umm oo a few nights ago we were playing confess or stress
quinn:yea the night we odered sushi

nicole:and logan brought us that big teady bear

quinn:ready? that jerk!!

nicole:what dose it say
quinn: guys go
quinn:that bear is brodacsting both aduio and visual transmition
viabrodbanway to romote digital resiver

nicole:i knew it!! what dose that mean?

zoey:in english
quinn:there a wireless webcam in that bear
nicole:i knew it! wait i still don't know what that means

zoey:it means somebodys spying on everithing we do and say in the lounge .
did you have anything to do with this!

chase:u come in
zoey:did you put a cammera in a bear?
chase:i don't think so it seems i don't have a cammera or a bear

chase:will you just tell me whats going on here?
zoey:that bear you and logan gave us it has gotta webcam in it!

zoey:don't act like you don't know!
chase:i'm not acting!!

zoey:weres logan's computer?
chase:uh over there *zoey types*

chase:what are you looking for?
zoey:this! look the girls luonge
chase:so this why logan was blowing off work everynight

chase:hes been dumping all his delvieryies on me so he can sit here and spy on you guys
zoey:what i freak

chase:i know its sick oh hey theres quinn did she just eat a leaf?
zoey:stop looking it wrong to spy on people
chase: but that a fake plant

chase:right we gotta get rid of that bear like now
zoey:or not

chase:or not?
zoey:maybe we keep the bear and have a little fun with logan
chase:o a little payback

zoey:alot of pay back call me
chase:shes eating a plastic plant

zoey:ok does everyone know the plan?

everyone: yea
chase:good everyone be in the girls lounge at 8:15 tonight i'll show up around at 8:20 and thats when it all go's down

daina:wait how are you sure logan will be watching the webcam
michael:don't worry about that
we watch everynight like once we saw her drop speghetti sauce down her shirt

*lughing talk* *and she * but now i know its wrong to spy very very wrong i'll make sure hes watching ok
zoey:ok let make sure we have everything we need quinn you have our cube cards i gottem write here nicole you have the vase from the dramma club nicole:breakaway vase check

vikki:whats a breakaway vase?
nicole:oh its fake you can smash over someones head and it dosen't even hurt check it out *nicole throw the vase*see
zoey:umm nicole
nicole:right i'll get another one *michael walk around in circle for 10 sec then his phone rings*

michael:whats up chase
chase:logan back yet? michael:no i don't know were he umm sure i will
vote on sm property 46 (logancomes in the room) hello

michael: nothing nothing you know what i'll be fun write now
logan:whats that
michael:check the webcam you now see what them girl are doing

logan:yes on that probasetion zoey:hey sushis here!
nicole:thanks chase we love the free sushi
logan:free sushi!
michael:how come they don't have to pay?

logan:there supposed to pay
chase:look i think i can't hook you up with this free sushi i think my boss is stating to get suppsios zoey:kozzu?
chase:yeah so listen if anybody asks just say
kozzu:uha i knew it!
chase:kozzu! l
ogan:uhh o
kozzu:yo've been stealing my sushi and giving it to thease girls
chase:u um no thats thats not true
kozzu:yes it is!

kozzu:i'm going to tell the dean and then you'll be and then you'll be..
logan:and be what!
zoey:quinn next card
kazzu:expelled! you'll be expelled!
chase:expeled!logan:expled! kozzu:your going to prison!
*zoey smashes the vase on kozzu * *everyone gasp* *kozzu fakley faints*logan:did you just see that! michael:yea she knocked the dude out zoey:i'm sorry i paniced chase:hes out cold zoey:o no now were all going to get expeld

logan:this is insane
chase:no nobodys getting expeld
nicole:but he's to wake up eventually and tell the dean what happened
chase:yes thats why we have to get rid of him
logan:get rid of him
michael:this is insane
zoey:tie him up and shove him in the closet
chase:right then late tonight when everyones alsleep we hop in his car and put kozzu in the trunk
zoey:and drive him to mexico
logan: did she say mexico?
nicole:but what if the dean finds out
zoey:she has a point
chase:hey he didn't see you hit him zoey:right we'll blame it all on
on on logan! n
icole:yes logan
chase:ok we'll blame the whole thing on logan stealing the sushi knocking out kozzu everything
logan:there going to blame every thing on me!
micahel:i heard!
zoey:ok quick let shove kozzu in the closet nicole;i got some duck tape
logan:i gota do somthing!!
michael:ok u u u go get the dean
logan:right i'll tell the dean i'm not going let chase and those insane girls micahel:you go getem man! you go getem logan
logan:dean rivers!
dean:logan!what in the world are doing in my shower!
logan:quick put on your robe come with me!
dean:but i'm shampooing!

logan:it an emergancy hurry! *logan and dean rivers run*
logan:there there they are
nicole:dean rivers
zoey:wats up
logan:you know wats up your stealing sushi from kozzu and he found you knock him out with a vase and they shoved him inthat closet
zoey:you wanna borrow it?
logan:i know they probally put kozzu in trunk of his car

kozzu:hello children
zoey:hows it going kozzu
chase:oh hey what up logan
kozzu:oh hello dean
nicole:what brings uhere
kozzu:o was just helping chase with his dilverys since logan is sick but you don't look so sick to me
zoey:hes not sick
logan:uhkozzu i can explain
kozzu:so can i yo fired! haa haa i feel like donald trunk
logan:but you got wacked with a vase
logan:its true
dean:alright mr.resse i think youre little story has goton fire enough
logan:itsnot a joke i swear i saw everything see i put a webcame in this teady bear *everyone gasp*
zoey:logan i am shocked
nicole:i'm dismade
dean:you mean to tell me you put a webcam in the girls lounge and youve been spying on them!
logan:well well yea but
dean:alright mr i think time for you and me have a little confriness call your parents sorry to inturup your evening girls
logan:but dean rivers
dean:queit!you inturupted my shampooing for nothing
kozzu:ok who wants some sushi every:ya!!!
zoey:how beautiful is that
daina:pretty nice
chase:somebody oderd some calafornia rolls
zoey:yup hey you wanna watch the sunset on the beach?
chase:i'm working i can't go to the beach
nicole: you don't have to.......come here
chase:wow nice how are you seeing this?